Meet Our Animals

Other Common Names: California sea lion

Scientific Name: Zalophus californianus

Birth Date: April 11, 2004

Maturation: Adult

Average Weight: 350 pounds

My Story:

Diego is a spunky, adult male sea lion. Born to Makaia and Slick on April 11, 2004, Diego is an affectionate and lovable animal. Diego's birth surprised us in the spring of 2004, as he arrived very early in the season. Although sea lions don't usually pup until mid-summer, this little guy arrived full term weighing 13 lbs on Easter day. Diego weaned from his mother at 10 months of age and today eats anywhere from 20-30 pounds of fish each day and weighs approximately 350 pounds. He loves training and currently knows approximately 150 different behaviors.  Diego is a favorite amongst patrons in both our Hershey, PA and Milwaukee, WI locations. He has served as a wonderful ambassador educating the public about California sea lions and the challenges marine animals are facing in the wild.

Fun Facts: Born to Makaia and Slick