Ocean Connections: Digital Learning Opportunities

Ocean Connections is committed to community outreach and education so we are bringing the magic of marine mammals to a classroom near you! Our STEAM+ based educational curriculum is perfect for at home learners, digital classrooms, and virtual field trips. Program lengths vary depending on content but all include a virtual visit from our seals and sea lions. After reserving a Digital Learning program spot online, the day and time can be arranged by contacting Brittany at brittany@oceanconnections.org

$90.00 for 30 minutes
$100.00 for 45 minutes


Pup Playtime

Get up and moving with this animal-themed zumbini class. With the help of our flippered friends and some special animal ambassadors, learn all about locomotion and movement during this 45-minute program.


Sea Lion Story Time

Sit back, relax, and enjoy learning about seals and sea lions during a poolside story time. You’ll even get to hear the stories of some of the rescued California sea lions that call Ocean Connections before virtually meeting them during this 30-minute program.


Kindergarten through 1st Grade

Snow Way!

Seals and sea lions can survive in freezing cold temperatures. How do they stay warm? Learn all about blubber and how animals stay warm during this 30-minute program.


Build a Mammal

What makes an animal a mammal? What about a marine mammal? Explore the characteristics of marine mammals and how they’re different from other species with the help of some special animal ambassadors and our flippered friends during this 45-minute program.


2nd – 3rd Grade

Home, Sweet Ocean

Seals and sea lions inhabit every ocean in the world! During this 45-minute program, discover where they live, how they survive, and how Ocean Connections strives to recreate their ocean habitat.


Adaptations: Assemble!

Building a marine mammal takes a lot of parts. Learn all about adaptations and how seals and sea lions need them to survive during this 45-minute program.


4th - 5th Grade

How to Train Your Sea Lion

Ever wondered how we train our seals and sea lions? Learn the basics during this 45-minute program featuring our animal care specialists and animal ambassadors.


Sealed with Love

A great deal goes into ensuring the care and welfare of our animals. Learn all about how our seals and sea lions voluntarily cooperate in their own medical work and how this helps save species around the globe. You’ll even get to witness some of these behaviors our animals know virtually during this 30-minute program.


6th - 8th Grade

To the Rescue!

Learn all about mass marine mammal strandings, how these animals are rescued, cared for, and what happens when they cannot be released into the wild. This 45-minute experience includes virtual visits with some of our rescued seals and sea lions.


H-2-Oh No!

This program delves into the make-up of water and constructing an ocean. Explore how the health of our ocean impacts our daily lives during our interactive “Who dirtied the Water?” activity. Find out during this 45-minute all about water conservation.



Our upper level educational experiences can be customized for high school, college, and other higher education classrooms. We have a variety of topics including but not limited to:
    o Operant & Classical Conditioning
    o Positive Reinforcement
    o Animal Training
    o Reading Animal Behavior
    o Veterinary Care & Observations
    o Pinniped Physiology

Contact Brittany at brittany@oceanconnections.org to reserve.