Animal Care Internship

Ocean Connections is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to inspiring conservation awareness and public action for our world's ocean through education.  The goal of our Animal Care Internship further our mission by mentoring charismatic individuals who are interested in pursuing a career in the following areas: Biology, Marine Biology, Psychology, Animal Behavior, Oceanography, Ecology (Environmental Protection), Education, and Communication. We offer both credit and non-credit internship opportunities.

Ocean Connections offers three different seasonal terms for internships: Winter-Spring, Summer, and Fall-Winter.  There is a minimum hour requirement that varies depending on the location, term, and position you are applying for.  Daily schedules also vary based on animal care and program needs.  More specifications and details on this are embedded within each location's application listed below.

Why Choose Our Program?

If you are passionate about marine life, conservation, and the environment, our Animal Care Internship may be the correct fit for you.  Individuals chosen for our Animal Care Internship will experience:

  • Diverse Opportunities - The Ocean Connections Internship introduces a variety of key aspects to working in the animal care field.  Individuals will gain experience with diet preparation, facility maintenance, and public speaking.  Our Animal Care Internship is a well-rounded experience that will broaden your understanding of animal training, care, education, and conservation.
  • Expert Guidance - Animal Care Interns work alongside our Animal Care Specialists to learn about positive reinforcement, husbandry, enrichment, and environmental protection strategies.  This includes a four-part workshop series that delves into pinniped species information, reading animal behavior, animal training techniques and basic terminology, and professional conduct.
  • Contribute to Conservation - From beach clean-ups to community outreach opportunities, Animal Care Interns will have opportunities to directly impact our environment.  Whether removing pollution from local waterways, or conversing with guests about how we can ensure these species are around for future generations to come, our Animal Care Internship contributes to our mission in various ways all throughout their term.


Ocean Connections provides marine mammal and animal ambassador programming in Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and Tennessee.  We have partnered with Hersheypark and Pirates Voyage to connect guests of all ages with a variety of species and to expand our educational reach.  Our Animal Care Internship is offered at all of our locations.


Deadlines for Application

Term Term Length Appplication Deadline
Summer Approximately  May 15 - Labor Day March 25
Fall - Winter Approximately September 15 - January 1 July 15
Winter - Spring Approximately January 15 - May 15 November 15

Due to the large number of resumes received and the limited number of positions available, we recommend getting your applications in as soon as possible for consideration.  Questions? Email us at