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Happy Earth Day!


We 💙 Mother Earth!

Ocean Connections team members spent the weekend of Earth Day sharing our mission of inspiring conservation awareness and public action for our world's ocean through education.  All waterways lead to the sea so by protecting our local rivers, streams, and beaches, we can help the health of our ocean.  We also provide educational opportunities to encourage positive action toward the environment.

Our Education Team at Ocean Connections Myrtle Beach attended Earth Day at the Bay and educated over 150 students about marine life and conservation.

Ocean Connections Milwaukee attended the 29th Annual Spring Clean-Up removing pollution from the Milwaukee River.  We are still waiting to hear the statistics on the event but know a significant amount of waste was removed.

Team Members from Ocean Connections Pigeon Forge attended Earth Day Gatlinburg's Way.  This river clean-up saw the removal of 32 trash bags worth of pollution.


Check out our photos from these events and be sure to follow us on social media to learn about local clean-up events that we'll be hosting all summer long.

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